Thursday, May 25, 2017

It's been a while...

A great big "hello" to all!

Yes, it's been a while.... quite a while! Lots of changes and experiences... as well as some things just never change and experience is the best teacher!

I've been bouncing around the internet and, as a lot of you know, fell in love with... dinosaurs! I'm hoping to get back to my writing, however, my next lifetime of writing is going to be children's books. I have several in my head and a couple in draft stage and you will be the first to know when to dash to Amazon and buy my very first self-published children's book. We will celebrate and I can't wait :-)

Meanwhile, during my journey from my last published book for some strange reason, I haven't gotten any younger! What is up with that? Most of us know the Cinderella story by heart and I saw the handsome prince but wasn't able to get my shoe off in time so he rode away on his horse... sadness :-(

Adventures have come and gone and right now I'm about to embark on a new one! Y'all know that I love funny (and sometimes hysterical) quips and sometimes can be a smarty pants.Those funny, original quips of mine have just been going to waste and I wanted to let you know that...


I'll be back in the next few days and upload some samples so you can have a sneak preview of them before they go live! It's going to be fun! Thanks for stopping by and... it's great to be back!