Self-Published Books

These books are all books that Jan self-published and are now out of print... 
Please watch for her new books in digital format on the Amazon Kindle platform...
Jan has gone digital!

A Taste of Ozark Mountain Christmas Recipe Collection, 2009 (out of print)

With the huge celebration of Ozark Mountain Christmas every year in the hills of the Ozark Mountains, Branson had became the focal point of the celebration many years ago. The entire town turns into a magical wonderland of Christmas celebration. Today, Ozark Mountain Christmas has been named one of 100 event destinations in the entire nation!

Today, the celebration of Ozark Mountain Christmas begins around Halloween, but back in the 90s, the little town almost shut down the first week in November to prepare for the festivities, rehearsals and fine tuning of the Christmas shows.

With Jan's passion for cooking and unending collection of recipes, she decided to pen an Ozark Mountain Christmas cookbook during her innkeeping days in Branson. She called all her celebrity friends and asked them to contribute a recipe for her  book. The response was great. She designed the cover with a foil imprint of the logo for Ozark Mountain Christmas at the time, and when it was self-published in 1996, it quickly became an incredible "gift book"!

Thousands of copies of the Ozark Mountain Christmas Recipe Collection were sold and it became a year-round seller. (It is currently out of print.) But Jan has had so many requests for the Ozark Mountain Christmas Recipe Collection year after year that she wrote and self-published an all new Branson Christmas cookbook, A Taste of Ozark Mountain Christmas Recipe Collection.

Cookbook lovers and collectors loved her print book, A Taste of Ozark Mountain Christmas Recipe Collection (2009).

This book is now out of print. Jan has gone strictly digital! Be sure to watch for her new books now being published on the Amazon Kindle platform!


Carb Countin' Holiday Cookbook, 2004 (out of print)

The author's light-hearted style brings you seriously good Smart-Carb™ recipes to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year!

The Carb Countin' Holiday Cookbook "walks" you thru light-hearted recipe presentations, motivational quotes, fun tips, smiles aplenty and the "Secret Motivation of the Pedometer."
Enjoy great recipes and characters starting with Thanksgiving and Christmas and beginning a great New Year with more great recipes and a guide to Steppin' Smart and Living Well!

A delightful book that will make you smile and that is full of encouragement too...
Change Your Mind... Change Your Heart... Lose Weight for LIFE™!


Low Carb Christmas Cookin'  2003 (out of print)

It's an Old-Fashioned Low Carb Christmas! Not just another "low carb cookbook," this clever creation is filled with low carb delights that are all about Christmas!

Each wonderful recipe offers easy, fun instructions and provides a carb count, so there's no guesswork!

Laugh and cook with this fun-loving, old-fashioned cook who insists that food taste like "the real stuff" - WITHOUT the carbs!